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Enviromental Technology & Waste Water

New Hiller Compact Plant DecaSmart DP45N DEENNLRU
Hiller DecaPress DP664 & DP764 DEEN
Environment Treatment & Sludge Dewatering DEENDKESGRHURUCNROPT
Algae Processing DE
Fish Industries ENES
Hiller ECO-Jet Power Saving Weir Plates DEENRU
Centrate Monitoring "Hiller Centrate Control" DEENRU
Hiller Remote Monitoring DEEN
Water treatment in food industries DEEN
Plastics Recycling NL
New Decanter vs. Screw Press DEENNL
New Hiller Lysat Technology DEENNLRU

Food & Beverage Industries

Juice Production DEENES
Wine Production DEENESIT
Root Vegetables DEEN
Puree, Smoothies DEEN
New OV Decanter for Vegetable Oils DEENITES
Palm Oil ENES
Conditioner HHM600 DEEN

Mineral Oil, Gas & renewable Energies

3-Phase-Separation "TricaPress" DEENPTRUCN
Biodiesel Industries DEENPT
Oil Industries - Petroleum ENCNES

Tunneling, mineral Elements, Drilling Fluid

Technology for Tunneling DEEN
Decanter for Mining ES
Decanter centrifuges for the mineral industry DE/EN

Compact Units & Explosion-proof decanters (ATEX)

Compact Units with High Performance Decanters DEEN
Decanter in accordance with ATEX RL 2014/34/EU DEEN

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Title Publisher/Year
Treat oily waste with decanter centrifuge plants Arnim Hertle für Hydrocarbon Processing, 2012
"The Way of the Ginger" - Video on German TV about production of Bionade with Ginger extract from a Hiller-Decanter Pro7, 2010