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Hiller presents food decanter at Drinktec exhibition in Munich

Hiller auf der Drinktec 2017

From 11th -15th September 2017 the Drinktec, which is the world-leading exhibition for beverage and liquid foods, took place in Munich. This event only takes place every fourth year, new in 2017 was, that for the first time ever the Italian Wine fair SIMEI was an integral part of the Drinktec. Therefore the complete brewing and beverage industry met last week at this event in the Bavarian capital.

Also Hiller GmbH, the decanter producer from Vilsbiburg, demonstrated to the interested visitors their innovative food decanter on their booth.

Hiller decanters are applied for various separation tasks in the food and beverage industry, for example for the production of fruit and vegetable juice, wine, smoothies, purées or also for edible oils. Only recently the Hiller GmbH had its great breakthrough at the European wine market when they won comparative trials and could in the end sell three large-scale decanters for wine production (DF76) to a renowned Spanish wine producer. This success is even more significant as the advance of decanter technology for must production in Spain and in Europe is only just beginning.


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